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What is Counselling and Psychotherapy?

During times of challenging life events, many people become overwhelmed by their thoughts and emotions.  That is when it is beneficial to talk to a professional counsellor who is not emotionally involved in your life situation, to help you make sense of your predicament. 

The purpose of counselling is to create a regular safe space where you can explore your thoughts and feelings with someone who is trained to listen with attention and without judgement.  This strictly confidential therapeutic relationship supports you to make a journey of self discovery of your own inner resources for resolving your difficulties and easing your emotional pain.  It is an opportunity to discover what makes you tick as a unique person, often backtracking through your life to make sense of where you are now.

Therapy is ideal for people who feel lonely, anxious, depressed, or who are bereaved, experiencing relationship difficulties, or unsure of what they want to do with their lives.  It will help you let go of your limiting beliefs and put you back in touch with who you really are.

Couple counselling is invaluable for getting a breakdown of communication back on track.  Imago Relationship Therapy, in particular, emphasises our unconscious choice of a life partner, someone who will replicate the characteristics of our early caregivers.  This affords us the opportunity to stretch beyond our comfort zone whilst endeavouring to heal our partner's childhood wounds.